How To Order & Specifications

How to place an order

After you have selected which item(s) of furniture you wish to purchase please contact us either by telephone on 01730 231246 or alternatively using the contact form supplied on this website.

Please note that we can supply chaise longues to order in both right and left handed versions – please see images to determine which preference you have prior to placing an order.     Upholstered furniture is now mainly being made without the upholstery studs…please make a special request if studs are required.




We shall be able to advise you if the items you have selected are available immediately from stock or whether they will need to be made specifically for you which can approximately take  12 -16 weeks. Items made specifically to order and/or bespoke items cannot be cancelled after your order has been accepted by us and manufacture has commenced,as detailed in our Terms and Conditions.

Please note that when upholstered items are made to order we cannot guarantee that the exact fabrics shown on our website will be available for new orders as may have been discontinued and an approprite substitute may be made.Please note that fabric batches can vary in colour and although we try our best to portray colours as near as possible to the originals these will appear differently due to lighting , photographic conditions as well as individual personal devices to access our photos. Please note that velvets and crushed velvets will appear differently due to pile location  and folds,  for example in buttoned area  etc. 

All mahogany items are individually hand carved and therefore each item is unique and therefore carving details may vary between each piece. Antique replica furniture is not mass produced or machine made but hand carved and each item will display individual characteristics due to the nature of the furniture and the mahogany wood that it is carved from.  ALL DIMENSIONS WILL BE APPROXIMATE DUE TO THESE ITEMS BEING HAND MADE AND CARVED. 

If you choose separate items from our website, we cannot guarantee a match as these items will have been made at separate time and finishes/fabric batches will vary….this does not apply to items sold specifically to match eg three piece suites.

Mahogany furniture is not suitable for use in a conservatory due to possible high fluctuations in temperature.

Full payment is due at point of order and payment can be taken over the telephone by us using Streamline credit card services using all major debit and credit cards, except American Express. We also accept Paypal.

Your invoice showing details of your purchase will be sent to you together with your payment card receipt.

We shall of course require your full name and address and contact telephone numbers.



BEDS  our beds are made to accommodate standard UK sized mattresses …click on following information box below to enlarge and check the sizes




FURNITURE CONSTRUCTION.    Please note that our furniture is made in an antique reproduction style with traditional methods of construction. All carved items are from high-grade mahogany wood and are not mass produced machine made furniture.We do not use modern runners on our drawers as the wood will expand and contract with use / climate conditions and runners were not used traditionally as now seen in modern machine made mass produced furniture. All items are truly unique as hand carved and crafted. Drawers apply to cabinets, desks, chests, bedsides etc. etc as shown on our website and will be of traditional construction.

Antique White Painted Furniture   Please note that most of our painted furniture is made from mahogany. Being a natural material wood will move slightly ie expand and contract and may display movements along areas where pieces of wood are joined to form the furniture frame. Joints may therefore may be noticeable  and are not a fault. Our painted furniture is French shabby chic style and some pieces may be mildly distressed.

MARBLE   as marble is a natural product there will be unique markings in each piece supplied ie our WHITE marble will have grey veins and vary item to item and BLACK will sometimes have grey veins and whitish markings also. CREAM  marble tends to have multi colour patches as well as veining.  We can supply other colours such as green, brown, red etc but may be quite a lot more expensive. Marble will not have a uniform colour and some areas may not appear as polished as others due to the underlying natural material.


Faux Leather upholstery . The faux leather is maintained by wiping with a clean cloth damped with mild soap and water and then immediately wiped dry with a clean dry cloth. DO NOT use abrasive cleaners, solvents, cleaning fluids and floor products. Avoid extreme heat against the surface.

Gold leaf and silver leaf furniture is made by pressing a thin foil made of gold or silver over a wooden or metal subsurface, over a base layer primer. Because of the delicate nature of the leaf foil, rough cleaning can destroy the surface, exposing the primer beneath. Gentle dusting with a soft brush is the best general cleaning method. If the surfaces are rubbed or scraped the leaf will expose the primer below.  Items finished in gold and silver leaf will last for years if properly maintained and appropriately used.

Please do not confuse our silver and gold leaf furniture with cheap gold and silver spray paint finishes. Leafed items are antiqued and will show darker areas within the carved areas in particular and lines and irregularities where the sheets of leaf are applied . Irregular markings and patches may be present and are quite normal for this type of reproduction gold and silver leaf finish. Leafing will only be applied to the top main areas of the furniture which are visible ie not underneath frames, back of cabinets, back of console etc

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